Why Are Podcasts Not Working on Spotify?

Podcasts are becoming very popular, and listeners look forward to hearing them while commuting or in the car. Some people listen at home while working or studying, while others listen in the evenings.

Sometimes, they sign on and find that podcasts aren’t working. Continue reading to learn why podcasts might not work and what you can do about them.

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First, Uninstall and Reinstall the Spotify App

If you can’t get your podcast to work on Spotify, or even if you’re trying to listen to music, the first thing you can do is uninstall and reinstall the Spotify app. You can do this on your desktop or your laptop.

You can also do the clean reinstall method, but it is a different process on different devices.

1. Android 6.0 or Earlier

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If you use an Android version earlier than 6.0, try the following.

Open the settings on your phone, and go to Apps>Manage Apps / Applications.

Then, choose Spotify and tap on Clear Data.

Next, you can go to Storage > Android > Data > Delta and delete the Spotify music folder.

Turn your phone off and on again. Then, go to Google Play and install the app again.

2. Android After 6.0

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If the version of your Android is later than 6.0, you go to Settings > Apps.

Then, choose Spotify and clear the storage and cache data.

You can save your downloaded music to an external drive and then delete the file for Spotify music. Go to File manager > SD Card > Android > Date.

Turn your phone off and on again, and then download the app from Google Play.

3. iPhone, iPad

silver iphone 6 on white table

If you have an iPhone, open the Spotify app, and go to the storage. Delete the cache files.

Then, go to your settings on the phone, and tap Settings > General > iPhone Storage > Spotify.

You can tap offload the app and choose confirm to delete the app. It won’t delete the documents and data, so you must delete them using the Delete App button and then click Confirm.

Next, turn your iPhone off by holding down the side or top button and the volume button until you see the slider.

Swipe to power off, and wait a few minutes.

Then, turn your iPhone back on by pressing the top or side button again.

Once your iPhone is back on, download Spotify from the App store.

4. Mac

slightly opened silver MacBook

If you are using a Mac to listen to podcasts on Spotify, you can go through similar steps.

Start by turning Spotify off.

Click Go once you open the finder, and then select Library from the menu. You can hold down the Alt key if you don’t see it.

Next, open Caches > Delete and choose the Spotify music folder.

Next, you should use the back arrow and go back to the page before.

Then, choose Delete to delete the Spotify app.

After that, you should go to the Go to Folder and press Command + Shift + G. You can open the Library folder and type /Library/.

In the search field, look for Spotify, and choose Search: Library.

Then, delete all of the files. Once this is done, you can turn your computer off and then turn it back on. Now, reinstall Spotify on the Mac.

5. Windows 7 or 8

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If you have Spotify on your PC with Windows 7 or 8, go to Control Panel > Select Programs and Features.

Choose Spotify and follow the instructions that appear on your screen.

Remove your Spotify folder, then go to your local folder and delete Spotify there.

Once you finish this process, you should turn your PC off and on again and then install Spotify again.

6. Windows 10

windows 10

There are different steps for people who use Windows 10. First, go to the menu bar for Spotify.

Select File, and choose Exit. Then, push the Start button and select Settings.

Choose Open System and then Spotify from the Apps and Features. Now you can choose Uninstall.

Search for the AppData in the Start Search Bar, and you should see the AppDataRoaming folder.

Check to see if there is a Spotify folder in this window. If there is, you should remove it.

Finally, check the AppDatLocal menu and delete any Spotify folders. Once it is done, turn your PC off and then turn it back on again.

Go to the Windows Apps store to download and install Spotify again.

Check Your Internet Connection

If deleting and reinstalling the app didn’t work, you might need to check your Internet connection. Ensure you have a strong signal without interference and that there aren’t too many devices using it.

You can also see if a family member or friend can log in to their Spotify so that you know whether it is your account.

Make Sure the Podcast Is Available in Your Market

You may be unable to play a podcast if it isn’t available in your market. You can check with Spotify to find out if you are trying to play a podcast that isn’t available.

Find Out If There Was a Recent Update

Check the version of Spotify you have installed and see if there is an update. Sometimes you need to install the update before you can play the podcasts.

Final Words about Podcasts on Spotify

It can be annoying if you are looking forward to listening to a podcast only to find that you can’t play it on Spotify. There are different solutions available, depending on what is causing the problem.

They usually recommend uninstalling Spotify from your device first, and then you can reinstall it. This often solves the problem.

You can also ensure that you aren’t trying to access content unavailable in your country or region.

Check your Internet connection, and see if you can play Spotify podcasts on someone else’s device. You should be able to find the problem through these methods, and you can correct it and start enjoying your podcasts again.

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