What is Roon Ready? A Concise Explanation for Audiophiles

In the world of high-quality audio streaming and multi-room systems, “Roon Ready” is a term that has gained popularity among audiophiles. It denotes a speaker or audio component that supports Roon’s RAAT (Roon Advanced Audio Transport) technology, allowing for the highest quality audio playback and seamless integration with Roon’s software.

Roon is a connecting, streaming, and music management software that brings intelligent features and multi-room capabilities to your hi-fi equipment. It serves as the brains behind your music system, efficiently directing the flow of audio across different devices in the network. Roon Ready devices undergo a detailed certification process to ensure they meet Roon Labs’ requirements, allowing users to enjoy the Roon ecosystem’s extensive functionality fully.

With Roon Ready, users can expect a remarkable audio experience and convenient user interface, making it an attractive option for those seeking to enhance their digital audio systems.

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What is Roon Ready?

Roon Ready refers to audio devices and components certified to support Roon’s audio distribution technology, called RAAT (Roon Advanced Audio Transport). This certification ensures seamless integration and optimal performance with Roon’s software and features, allowing users to enjoy the highest quality audio playback and multi-room streaming capabilities.

Roon Labs has tested and approved a Roon Ready device to work smoothly with its music management system. To achieve this certification, the devices go through a demanding testing process. Roon Labs scrutinize the device’s compatibility with Roon’s software, ensuring that all details are seen, and everything behaves as expected before granting certification.

Beyond Roon Ready certification, Roon also offers Roon Tested devices, which signifies that the manufacturer has worked closely with Roon Labs to achieve compatibility. Roon Tested devices might not support all of Roon’s advanced features, such as RAAT. However, they still provide users with a quality experience and allow using Roon’s music management software.

Roon Ready certification applies to various audio components, including speakers, DACs (Digital-to-Analog Converters), and audio streamers. By using Roon Ready devices, users can take full advantage of Roon’s powerful features, such as high-resolution audio streaming, metadata enhancements, and an immersive user interface, to create a comprehensive and enjoyable audio experience.

How Roon Ready Devices Work

Roon Ready devices are designed to provide an optimal music-streaming experience for audiophiles. They work seamlessly with Roon’s music player software to deliver high-quality audio and a unified user experience.

Device Certification

Roon Ready devices undergo a detailed certification process to ensure compatibility and performance. This involves extensive testing and fine-tuning of the device’s integration with Roon’s software. Certification ensures that the device meets Roon’s high standards and can fully utilize the available features of the software.


Roon Ready devices support Roon’s proprietary audio distribution technology, RAAT (Roon Advanced Audio Transport). This allows them to play the highest quality audio and ensures seamless networking between devices. RAAT enables users to stream lossless music throughout their homes without any degradation in audio quality, making it an ideal choice for high-end audio systems.

Signal Path

An essential aspect of Roon Ready devices is their ability to maintain a clean and undisturbed signal path. This is achieved by using the Roon software to handle all aspects of the audio signal processing, minimizing any loss or degradation. As a result, Roon Ready devices can transmit audio signals with minimal loss, ensuring a superior listening experience compared to other streaming services that may compress audio signals for bandwidth reasons.

Benefits of Roon Ready Devices

Roon Ready devices offer several advantages for audiophiles and music enthusiasts who value high-quality audio playback and a seamless user experience. This section delves into the key benefits of Roon Ready devices, which include improved audio quality, seamless integration, and control and customization.

Improved Audio Quality

One of the most significant benefits of Roon Ready devices is their ability to provide high-quality audio streaming. These devices support Roon’s audio distribution technology (RAAT). They are designed to work seamlessly with the Roon music player software, ensuring that audio signals are transmitted with minimal loss or degradation. Roon Ready devices can handle various audio formats, such as 32-bit/768kHz PCM playback, DSD playback, and multi-channel playback.

Seamless Integration

Roon Ready devices offer seamless integration with the Roon ecosystem, enabling effortless connectivity and communication between devices. Network auto-discovery of Roon Ready devices simplifies the setup process, while the RAAT technology ensures reliable daily operation.

Whether you are using Roon Ready speakers or audio components, you can expect a seamless experience as these devices are designed to work harmoniously with Roon’s software.

Control and Customization

With Roon Ready devices, you can enjoy more control and customization for your audio setup. Two-way communication between devices allows for volume, mute, convenience switching, metadata displays, standby controls, and other commands.

Roon’s software also offers a comprehensive and intuitive interface to manage your music library, explore new music, and make custom playlists, enhancing your listening experience.

Roon Ready devices are designed to work seamlessly with Roon’s software and audio distribution technology, providing an enhanced listening experience. This section will showcase a few popular Roon Ready devices across various categories, such as network streamers, wireless speakers, and dedicated audio components.

Network Streamers

When it comes to network streamers, there are a few Roon Ready devices that have been praised for their performance:

  • Lumin U2 Mini – The Lumin U2 Mini is known for its compact size and versatile feature set, making it an excellent addition to any modern audio system.
  • Zidoo Neo S and Neo X – These network streamers from Zidoo integrate Roon’s RAAT streaming technology, providing a smooth and enjoyable listening experience.

Wireless Speakers

Roon Ready certification ensures a reliable connection and high-quality audio playback for wireless speakers. Some popular Roon Ready wireless speakers include:

  • KEF LS50 Wireless II – These speakers from KEF are known for their stunning sound quality and Roon Ready compatibility, making them a great addition to any hi-fi system.
  • Bowers & Wilkins Formation Duo – The Formation Duo by Bowers & Wilkins provides room-filling sound and seamless integration with Roon, resulting in an unparalleled listening experience.

Dedicated Audio Components

Dedicated audio components, such as receivers and DACs, can significantly benefit from Roon Ready certification, ensuring optimal performance and full Roon functionality. Some important Roon Ready dedicated audio components are:

Arcam AVR11, AVR21, AVR31, and AV41Arcam
Bryston BR-20Bryston
JBL Synthesis SDR-35 and SDR-58JBL Synthesis
Thrax Audio AresThrax Audio

These popular Roon Ready devices represent just a selection of the many high-quality products available for audiophiles seeking a superior listening experience with Roon software.

Setting Up Your Roon Ready Device

Roon Ready devices are designed to provide the best possible experience for users by combining RAAT technology with a comprehensive certification program and support infrastructure. In this section, we will set up your Roon Ready device.

Connecting to Your Network

First, ensure your Roon Ready device is connected to your home network. This can typically be done using an Ethernet cable or wirelessly connecting via Wi-Fi. Some devices might require additional steps, such as installing a specific app on your smartphone or tablet to establish the network connection.

Roon Core Integration

After connecting your device to the network, you need to integrate it with the Roon Core – the central component of the Roon ecosystem that manages your music library and streams audio to your devices. To do this, install the Roon software on a compatible device, such as a computer or NAS, and follow the steps provided during the installation process to configure the Roon Core. For more details on installing the Roon software, visit the Roon Downloads page.

Configuring Audio Settings

Once the Roon Core is set up, you can configure the audio settings for your Roon Ready device. In the Roon software, click the Gears icon or the “Enable” button to access device settings for your specific device. Ensure that your device can play music in Roon, as enabled devices will appear as Zones within the software.

The Device Setup screen is split into two categories: General and Advanced. The General settings typically include device name, volume control, and startup volume settings. The Advanced settings allow users to configure settings such as Sample Rate Conversion, MQA Capabilities, and Clock Master Priority. Finding the optimal settings for your specific device is crucial, as these settings can vary depending on the manufacturer and device model.

By following these steps, you should be able to successfully set up and configure your Roon Ready device for an exceptional music listening experience.


In summary, “Roon Ready” is a term used to describe audio devices and components that support Roon’s audio distribution technology, RAAT (Roon Advanced Audio Transport), and work seamlessly with Roon’s music player software. By incorporating Roon Ready technology, these devices can deliver high-quality audio streaming and ensure optimal performance, reliability, and user experience in a multi-room audio setting.

Not to be confused with Roon’s own music streaming service, Roon’s software focuses on connecting, streaming, and managing music across various devices, ultimately enhancing audiophiles’ listening experience. Some devices may be designated as “Roon Tested” rather than “Roon Ready,” indicating that Roon has worked directly with the hardware manufacturer and has conducted extensive testing to ensure maximum interoperability between the device and Roon’s software.

Through the Roon Ready partner program, users can expect a rich and seamless audio experience similar to “Airplay for Audiophiles.” As a result, investing in Roon Ready devices can elevate your audio system and enhance your overall listening enjoyment.

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